A note from the Owner, Jim Clines...

I have been in this business since 1969. The service industry is very competitive

and ever changing. I have worked for the major delivery companies in Cincinnati

and found one thing that is consistent--there is not much difference in any of

these companies. The only big difference is the people who work for them. I have

always thought that service is the number one priority, not price. Although, good

service and cheap pricing does not go hand in hand, I have always thought that if you give customers the best

possible service that a good rate is always acceptable. My thinking in this business is to be very personable and

dedicated to my customers who are, in turn, loyal to my company. Loyalty in this business is based on pricing and

should be on the service as well. To develop a good business relationship you need two things: Honesty & Trust,

which is the basis for any good relationship. I hope my dedication and experience can be of service to your company.

Thank You & God Bless,

Jim Clines

About Our Package Delivery Company

About our company...

Executive Choice Courier was established in 1985, but in the beginning it went

by another name... Corporate Express Delivery. In the early 90's another

company that was national, with the same name, came to reside in Cincinnati

as well. The previous owner was approached to buy out the name. He agreed

and the company was then re-named Executive Choice Delivery. When Jim,

the current owner, purchased the company in 2003 the name was changed again to Executive Choice Courier. He was

the dispatcher for Corporate Express & Executive Choice Delivery for many years. Because of Jim's relationship with the

exhisting customers, vast knowledge & wisdom of the business & experience as a driver as well as a dispatcher, he was

able to build the company after his purchase & in 2006 expanded our services from smaller courier deliveries to offering

box truck deliveries as well. We are constantly striving to improve our services in as many ways as possible. One way is

by offering the best service along with very competitive pricing. Many of our customers are approached by our

competitors and are given a "great" cheaper price. When they do try the new service & "great" price, our great service

they are accustomed to is also replaced with a not so great cheaper service and they are soon coming back to only us.

Here at Executive Choice Courier we realize that everyone is trying to save a buck, but at the same time we know that if

you buy something cheap more times than not you get something cheap in return. We try to balance the best of both.

About our Drivers...

All of our Drivers are Owner Operators. This means they pay all their expenses

and basically own their own business. They are not in any way employed by the

company and are paid a commission on all the runs (deliveries) that they deliver.

The drivers also make their money by having more than one run in their vehicle

at a time. We try hard to contract Owner Operators who have experience in this

business, which helps the customer and our business. If this isn't the case, we make sure we train them to become a

great driver.  The company does not tolerate or accept Owner Operators who are not professional, courteous and

who are not in uniform. If there is in issue with any of these expectations, we address them as soon as possible to

ensure that they are representing your company in the best possible way.  In short, Owner Operators are the most

important part of this type of business and we stand behind our drivers as well as our customers.  If you have any

questions about the drivers, give us a call... we will be happy to answer them for you.